Legislative Chairman's Message

Dear Fellow Dealers, 

I am excited to be the new TADA Legislative Committee Chair. As a fourth-generation dealer, I know importance of what we do and the value we bring to communities across Texas. 

Franchised dealers of Texas have a tremendous presence in this state and are a vital part of its economic health.  Our 1,400 franchised dealerships in 290 cities and towns throughout Texas represent an investment of over $6.5 billion in Texas land and facilities, employ more than 100,000 Texans, and account for nearly 20% of all retail sales in the state.   

Texas franchised dealers and our employees also give back to our communities, annually contributing over $50 million and 135,000 hours annually. 

I am joined on the TADA Legislative Committee by a diverse group of accomplished franchised dealers from every region across our great state including dealers that are large, small, public, private, domestic, and foreign. When our committee takes a position on behalf of Texas franchised dealers, we have considered many perspectives.    

We are most powerful when we speak with one voice.  We will be able to make our case most effectively, by leveraging our diverse group of members with a consensus on policy, priorities and a united course of action.

With everyone’s participation and support, we can and will continue to make progress and have a positive impact on Texas, our communities, and the retail automotive industry in this great state. Thank you in advance for your help. 

Claire McDonald
TADA Legislative Committee Chairman


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