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TADA represents over 1,400 franchised automobile dealerships in 290 communities throughout the state of Texas. TADA advocates on behalf of the dealers at the Texas Legislature, Congress, and all regulatory agencies



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Franchised dealers of Texas have a tremendous presence in this state and are a vital part of its economic health. 


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TADA is committed to promoting and maintaining a competitive auto industry in Texas while protecting the communities our members serve. 

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TADA members are in over 290 Communities in Texas..

Our Members see themselves as a partner to the communities they serve and are engaged in local organizations who focus on thoughtful business and community growth.

$50 Million Dollars Annually.  That is the average charitable contributions generated by dealers every year.


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How we help

The average volunteer hours served by dealership employees every year is 135,000 hours.

Who we help

Over 70%+ of Texas Dealerships have employees serving schools, local churchs, non-profit organizations and other community organizations.

Local Communities

The average charitable contributions received every year by communities that have local dealerships is over $174,000.


Texas Dealers Academy

Want to pass on your dealership to the next generation?  Members can enroll young family members/staff in this leadership training program tailored for franchised dealers.

Dealers Choice

TADA’s quarterly magazine provides up-to-date information on business and industry issues making it a critical resource for franchised dealers and affiliated industry partners.

Legislative Issues

Learn more about the issues facing our industry at the state capitol through our policy papers and legislative session recaps.

Your Personal Automobile Insurance policy comes with a Consumer Bill of Rights.
This Bill of Rights gives you, the insured, the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired and what kinds of parts are used on your vehicle. 

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TADA and its members care about those who purchase vehicles from our dealerships. A few resources that are available to consumers to take advantage of include: a statewide dealer search, information on the dealer-customer dispute mediation program, the Texas Lemon Law, vehicle financing, open recall search info, and Consumer Bill of Rights. To Learn More Visit the Consumers Tab.

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“It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Chairman of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) this year and represent over 1,400 of the franchised automobile dealers in this state."

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NADA Recognized with 28th Annual Communicator Award

This week, NADA was selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a Communicator Award winner. The Communicator Awards were founded nearly 30 years ago and recognize excellence, effectiveness, and innovation in all areas of communication across a variety of industries.

NADA was recognized for a video made in partnership with the Coalition for EV Choice and Competition, which is part of a series highlighting dealers’ commitment to bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to consumers nationwide. The video, featuring John Luciano, owner and general manager of Street Volkswagen in Amarillo, Texas, shares the dealership’s investment in amplifying the mass-market adoption of EVs. The Texas panhandle dealer has installed a home charger in his dealership to demonstrate the ease of home charging and has also hired an electrician to help EV customers to install their own chargers.

The Communicator Awards are judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, a prestigious group of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms.

This is the second time NADA has been honored with this prestigious award, which is recognized and respected in the production community, both visual and audio. NADA’s first Communicator Award was received in May 2019 for the NADA Foundation Workforce Initiative campaign highlighting the career path of successful service technicians working in dealerships across the country.

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