AutoPAC, the Texas Automobile Dealers Association Political Action Committee, is the mechanism by which TADA participates in the political process to make contributions in state legislative races and races involving state-wide offices. 

AutoPAC provides opportunities to give candidates and officeholders an understanding of TADA interests and issues, and it gives our members the ability to extend their influence well beyond their own legislative districts. 

While individual dealer participation in political races is always important, AutoPAC gives all the dealers of Texas the opportunity to speak with one voice.  As an association of over 1,300 businesses in Texas, our strength is greatest when we speak with that collective voice, and that is why AutoPAC is critically important to the success of the TADA legislative program.

The legislative team at TADA diligently keeps the franchised auto dealers’ best interest at the forefront.  That is why it is imperative that TADA has the resources it needs for AutoPAC to support candidates and officeholders who understand our goals and support our association.

AutoPAC depends on these non-corporate contributions from individual dealers. The legislative staff in Austin conducts an annual fundraising drive beginning in September at which time we encourage all TADA members to participate.

Contact Rob Braziel at TADA for more information about how to participate in AutoPAC.