Association History


As the needs of the driving public have progressed through the years, TADA members have been there to ensure the quality of life of every Texan by providing personal transportation to get them safely to work, to school, to the doctor, to church, to Friday night football games, or wherever their family needed to travel.

Texans can live wherever they desire because they have a car or truck to take them to the destinations important to their life.  Suburban living exists today because of the personal transportation available to consumers from franchised new car and truck dealerships.

TADA member dealers have been there for Texas from the time that a few hundred vehicles traveled on dirt roads and the Rand McNally map directed travelers to turn at the red barn or through the dry creek bed, until today when 20 million vehicles are owned and operated by Texas drivers and occupy the most outstanding network of roads and highways in America.

Throughout the history of TADA and the remarkable evolution of personal transportation, Texas dealers have created the largest presence of any significant retailer in our state.  With over 1,400 dealerships in 290 Texas cities and towns, located within minutes from every Texas citizen, whether they live in the High Plains, the Permian Basin, the Piney Woods, the Gulf Coast or the Rio Grande Valley, Texas dealers are there to provide safe transportation, qualified repairs, and handle recalls to keep Texans on the road and pursing their dreams.

Texas dealers throughout their history have embraced advances in the industry that served Texas drivers whether it was installment financing, vehicle leasing, on-line marketing, or qualified repairs for today’s complex high tech driving machines.

Along the way, member dealers through their association with TADA lobbied for consumer safety by passing air bag and seat belt legislation and laws that provide Texans with a fair tax and fee structure on a vehicle purchase.

The future of personal transportation in Texas is an exciting one with LPG, CNG and hydrogen powered cars and trucks joining an array of battery, hybrid and diesel power trains to provide Texas drivers even more opportunities to save money on fuel and protect the environment.

Texas franchised dealers are ready and qualified to continue to serve Texans regardless of where they live or what their personal or business driving needs might be to make a better Texas for us all.