TADA and our members care about the consumers who purchase vehicles from our dealerships. An automobile purchase of any kind is a big investment and your dealer wants you to feel comfortable with this purchase. If there is ever a problem with your vehicle or the services performed on it, your dealer wants you to know you can come to them with the problem. You should know all of your options, which is why we want you to be aware of AutoCAP.
The Automotive Consumer Action Program (AutoCAP) is a free, easy-to-use public service designed to mediate disagreements between participating Texas Automobile Dealers Association members and their customers. AutoCAP handles customer-dealer disputes concerning vehicle purchases, services and, in some circumstances, parts.

Written customer complaints received by AutoCAP are first directed to the dealership involved. Once aware of the problem, the dealership works with AutoCAP and the customer to find an agreeable solution. Usually no further intervention from AutoCAP is required.

If a mutually acceptable solution cannot be reached, upon customer request the complaint is submitted to the AutoCAP panel. The panel, comprising of consumer and dealer representatives, will review the facts at its next meeting and recommend a course of action. Neither the customer nor the dealer is bound by the panel's recommendation.

AutoCAP is effective when the dispute concerns a vehicle purchased from a participating franchised dealer and the complaint involves:

  • Used vehicle purchases
  • Service
  • Parts (in some cases)

AutoCAP can NOT be effective if:

  • Legal action has already begun
  • The customer or dealer has hired an attorney
  • The problem involves a dealership that is not a member of TADA or a manufacturer who does not participate in AutoCAP
  • The repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty

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